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 [BOT & PROXY] Conquer A.I. - The 2nd Generation COFarmer & JProxy

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Training Noob
Training Noob

Mensagens : 2
Data de inscrição : 13/01/2011

MensagemAssunto: [BOT & PROXY] Conquer A.I. - The 2nd Generation COFarmer & JProxy   Sex 5 Set 2014 - 21:43

ConquerAI Crakiado Pessoal , peguei de um servidor americano e trouxe ele pra vocês , aproveitem enquanto está gratis !!!

ConquerAI is the 2nd-generation COFarmer & JProxy.
ConquerAI is now led through a partnership between myself (InfamousNoone/Hybrid) and John (the previous head of COFarmer)

The bot has been completely remodeled and reprogrammed in a completely different language. Many issues have been fixed, revised. ConquerAI now offers the ability for users to create their own plugins and scripts using full object-oriented programming using our application programming interface to do pretty much any task on Conquer Online. With the given API and some basic knowledge, a user can create a script, or plugin that can pretty much do anything.
ConquerAI is ideal for bot-developers as it provides them with an extensive API to use in bot-creation.

The team has been remodeled, some of the old COFarmer team will be rejoining us and new faces will be added.
ConquerAI Staff
InfamousNoone / Hybrid (Project-head/Administrator)
John (Project-head/Administrator)
SyntaxNL (Website/Forum Administrator)
Intrusion (Forum Administrator)
Korvacs (Forum Moderator)
Glen (Forum Moderator)
Chalkie (Forum Moderator)
Master (Forum Moderator)

There are 3 subscription types (Basic, Elite, Professional) each offering something better than the other.

Basic Features
Aimbot (Fastblade, Scentsword, Twofoldblade, Whirlwind-kick, Radian Palm, Hercules, Viper Fang, Dragon Tail)
Blue mouse bot (Auto packs meteors into meteor scrolls!)
Spell Macro/Leveler (Useful for leveling skills like stigma, star of accuracy, guard, toxic fog)
Meteor Spammer (Quickly spam meteor-upgrades on items in TwinCity for sockets)
Auto-hunter (supports all classes!)
Smart scatter bot
Smart fatalstrike algorithm
Auto-potter (mana/hitpoints)
Mining bot (Read more)
Account-creator utility
Travel bot (cross map pathfinding)
Auto-follow kill
Auto-repair (while hunting, or any other task!)
Non-disconnecting speedhack & teleportation
Guild war gate-hopping
Disconnection-event features
Forum support
26 Clientless Accounts!
NFarmer Bot (Upto level 70)

Elite Features
All the features Basic offers
46 Clientless Accounts!
GM-Detector (See what GM's are logged into your sever at all times!)
NFarmer Bot (Unlimited level)

Professional Features
All the features Elite offers
66 Clientless Accounts!

Why should I use ConquerAI?
ConquerAI led the development of the push-and-go age of botting in Conquer. Our NFarmer capably levels characters to whatever level you desire simply at the push of a button. Our hunting system is highly advanced allowing you to fine tune your settings for the most optimal results. With the simplicity of NFarmer, you will have hunters ready to start making money with in no time at all!

** What is NFarmer? NFarmer is a bot that levels ninjas and warriors without any user input. It is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. You can read more about it on our forums.

Lastly, I should mention the bot has full support for scripting in Python, and plugins in any .NET language. You're given use to our extensive API and can given the capability to program on top of our provided platform and increase the extensibility of what the bot can do. Scripts and Plugins can be sold on our forums, so this bot is ideal for bot/hack-developers as well.

Please ask all questions in our community forums: Community Discussion | ConquerAI - #1 Conquer Online Bot.

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
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[BOT & PROXY] Conquer A.I. - The 2nd Generation COFarmer & JProxy
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